5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire Someone

A while back I was emailing with Jason Spievak who arguably is one of the best recruiters I’ve come across and our conversation really got me thinking. Everyone – including me – always talks about what you should or should not do during a job interview. But here are actual reasons why you probably will not receive a job offer from our company.

1. Em… did you really forget the question?
This might be silly to even mention but answer the question you were asked. Some of you like to sit across from me and tell me more than I need to know. I like when candidates elaborate if it’s related and when it’s appropriate but please stay on point. More importantly, please answer the question I asked and don’t make me repeat it. I once had someone take notes when I was asking questions. Great. At least she was answering my questions.

2. You didn’t do well on the assessment.
We all submit to a “test”. For every department it’s different, but usually, it’s to see if you can really walk the walk. Everyone hired here must take some form of a test that allow us to gage your knowledge and experience. We make everyone (from director levels to warehouse employees, to interns) take an industry specific “test”. Usually, it’s something basic but again, this is one more way for us to see if you can do what you said you could do.

3. You seem confused by that question.
I’m amazed at how many candidates will answer questions without really understanding the question. First, don’t be afraid to ask me to repeat myself. I’m sure I can ask the question more clearly or put it in different words. Second, why would you answer a question you didn’t understand or don’t have an answer to? If you don’t know the answer, say, “I don’t know”.

4. You had no questions.
You have no question? Really? So you’ve just sat through a 45 minute interview, conversing, answering questions, learning about our company but you have no questions at all? This is something that always makes me wonder how interested or engaged candidates really are. I don’t care what situation I’m in, I always have questions. AT&T at my house installing cable, I have questions… Getting new tires put on my bike, I have questions… friend is getting a storage space, I have questions. Be curious – ask questions.

5. You have no etiquette.
Our office is super busy but mellow. In fact a few minutes ago, Lil Wayne was on the speakers. Yet we still adhere to some basic etiquette. So until you’ve earned it, don’t be cavalier or nonchalant in anything you do. Remember, you’re still being judged. It’s basic common sense.

I hope you find this helpful, more importantly I hope you read this before you come into an interview. I want to hire you. I really, really want to hire you.

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