My Role At

As some of you may know, I recently accepted the position of COO for which also owns, and The company was founded in 1998 and through an acquisition strategies and sharp maneuvering has placed itself as a leader in men’s neckwear.

One of my perceived challenges coming into was fitting into a tight-knit group of co-workers who have been (for the most part) working together for a very long time. However, everyone has been more than gracious in not only accepting me, but also helping me learn my way through the industry, the way of business, and generally showing how the office functions. For that, I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank my team for everything that they have done to make me feel welcome and everything that they have done to facilitate my learning.
I’d like to accomplish taking on this role. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to help grow a company that is doing so many things right on so many levels. Wild Attire Inc. is vertically integrated company which is the reason I accepted this role. The challenge of the company is beyond just running a digitized ecommerce company. We ship our products directly from our warehouse in Southern California. We QC our own products ensuring quality for each product that gets sent out.
[Update]: acquired and launched Alynn in 2011 launched in 2012 consolidated and in 2013 launched the Gentle Manual, a fashion blog for men in 2013 launched Sparkle and Fuzz, a fashion blog for women in 2013