10 Habits That Make You Unattractive, Even If You Are Hot


As a sequel to my article about habits that make you more attractive, it’s only right that I write an article about habits that make you unattractive, in spite of being great looking.
1. Entitled. When I think of entitled people, they are incredibly narcissistic and unapologetically ruthless. It baffles me whenever I come across anyone who feels they are owed privileges. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not that special. In fact, you are the type to grovel for other people’s attention & affection, when it is undeserved. Develop some self-awareness and stop assuming everything should go according to your will. Because trust me, you’re not going to get it – at least not all the time.
2. Constant Pessimism. Don’t be a naysayer. No one wants to be around someone who lives in negativity. The worst part is that pessimism is contagious. Not only is it a burden to yourself, but that negative energy puts everyone else in a bad mood. If you are not willing to change your attitude, then don’t expect people to stick around. It is a toxic habit, so don’t let pessimism ruin your attractiveness.
3. Complaining Without Offering a Reasonable Solution. We all complain, but complain and come up with a solution. When you complain without any solution or have not taken the time to think of a better result, that tells me you’re lazy. This also tells me that you are not a fixer, but an incompetent grouch. No one’s going to hold your hand, so don’t just whine & don’t sit around. Instead, get to work and find a way to get yourself out of a hard situation.
4. False Pride. The adage “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” goes a long way. Anyone who wholeheartedly believes they have the right to judge others – but have done the same or worse – has false pride. This righteousness is uncalled for, so don’t act holier-than-thou when you have nothing to be prideful about. Because in the end, you would only be a hypocrite for making such quick judgments.
5. Unnecessarily Rude. Don’t be rude for no reason. I see it all the time at the airport,. People getting ticked off because their flight is delayed. Well folks, you are not the only one affected, so don’t be an asshole. Inconvenient shit happens. That’s life. Learn how to control your emotions. Don’t let trivial things infuriate you, because it is useless. Remember that if you don’t have control over the situation, then your rudeness is unwarranted.
6. Competing with Others. While I do love a healthy competition, but to constantly one-up someone is very unattractive to me. If your friend is going to law school, then don’t retort with a snooty, “Well, I’m going to medical school” and purposely upstage his or her achievement. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your success, but to see everyone else as competition is unhealthy–maybe borderline psychotic. If anything, it reveals your jealousy. Learn how to be happy for others, instead of selfishly hogging the spotlight.
7. Unreliable. Like I mentioned in my previous post, you are nothing without your word. You can’t expect people to trust you, so don’t be surprised if no one is there when you need them. Realize that to break commitments, you break your credibility. Make reminders, mark it on your calendar, do whatever it takes to be a more reliable person. It’s easier to lose people’s trust in you than to keep it, so don’t give them that option.
8. Control Freak. Control freaks are incredibly difficult to deal with, because they have the “need” to make every decision. No one wants to be around you if you keep this up. You need to break out of this overbearing habit, because it will translate into your friendships, workplace, and life in general. Take a step back and learn to let go a little bit. If you continue to micromanage people to their breaking point, best believe you will push them out of you life for good.
9. Poor Listener. Communication goes both ways, so don’t expect me to listen to you if you can’t do the same in return. Whether you interrupt someone, zone out, or are too focused on your phone, that makes you a bad listener. It will absolutely drive others crazy when you are too consumed with your own self. Be attentive and focus on what other people have to say. A good listener is extremely attractive in my book.
10. Tardiness. Time is precious, so don’t drive people into losing their patience. Tardiness is forgivable, but there are times when it is non-negotiable. Meetings, appointments, and deadlines do not have room for tardiness. Making your friends or important people wait can especially be a dealbreaker. Be consistent with your time, then people won’t get tired of waiting for you to show up, no matter how hot you are.
Hope you enjoyed this sequel to 10 Habits that Make You Attractive, Even If You’re Not. Now that you know what habits make you unattractive in my eyes, what makes someone less attractive to you?

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